Meet “Lazy Admin”: Your AI-Genie for Salesforce Reporting that responds to Human Language​

Studies have shown:

Just on reporting, organisations spend between a “few hours” to “several days” every month, depending on the different factors. That costs a few thousands of dollars every month, which is a secret spend from the tech budget.

Imagine a human-like “Reporting Assistant” at your fingertips, ready to get you reports from your data, in “seconds”.

Well, that’s exactly what Lazy Admin is – an AI-powered reporting app for Salesforce that understands your requests in plain human language.

In a world where reporting plays a crucial role behind many decisions and information in the organisation, it truly makes sense to:

● Make it more efficient and cost-effective

● Have a well-informed leadership, with a powered-up decision making ability

● Save staff-hours and to boost productivity throughout the company

In this article, we’ll explore how “Lazy Admin” can simplify your quick reporting process, making it as easy as 1-2-3.


Benefits that will “wow” you!

Lazy Admin is designed to make the day-to-day efforts of reporting simpler and efficient. Whether you’re a Salesforce expert or a newcomer to the platform, this app makes reporting a quicker for everyone. Here is what sets it apart:

1. It’s a cakewalk for everyone

To fetch a quick report, you can simply ask questions such as:

●  “list of unconverted leads with status”

●  “list of open cases”

●  “opportunities closing next year with their related account names”

That’s It!

easy to use

If you are feeling even lazier, then mark your search phrase as favourite, so you won’t have to type your question again.

Moreover, it also offers CSV exports, data sharing with the team, and other cool features. If you are technical or semi-technical, you can also manually edit the underlying query.

The feature list is growing rapidly. Please also see the “FAQs” section at

2. Seconds spent, hours in your pocket!

At present, organisations spend “several hours” that includes Reporting requests coming from business/management, turnaround time from technical people (if they have other high priority work in hand), preparing reports, submitting it back, analysis, decision making etc.

With Lazy Admin, you are already halfway there within “seconds”. This means:

● Saving staff-hours (thus cost)

● Boosting productivity throughout the organisation.

● Well-informed Leadership with faster decision-making ability


increased efficiency, saved time

3. Cost-effectiveness 

Considering all the extensive benefits, Lazy Admin offers a great value for money. Hiring this human-like reporting assistant  is far more cost-effective.

To learn more, see the “Pricing” and “FAQs” sections at

const effectiveness

4. Data Protection comes first

With Lazy Admin, you can rest assured that your data remains right where it belongs – within Salesforce. Lazy Admin never sends the data anywhere, except the your own data export actions.

This makes it even more appealing from a “compliance” standpoint.

Data Security is no.1 value

5. Next level? Have it your way!

While Lazy Admin understands the Custom objects and custom fields in your Salesforce Org, every business has other customisations, data and metadata rules, business lingo, terminologies etc.  To make it even smarter, it can be further tailored to understand your business specific needs.

This is the next level, where it can be more aligned in order to make it feel like an intelligent human-like assistant, understanding everyone’s reporting needs and helping everyone in the organisation.

You can send an email at and visit the website to learn more.

next level adventure with lazy admin

6. Possibilities beyond Salesforce 

It is also possible to harness this power at the organizational level. In addition to Salesforce, Lazy Admin can also be customised to work with other Non-Salesforce systems in your IT landscape, regardless of whether they are packaged solutions or custom applications.

You can send an email at and visit the website to learn more.


Now, it’s time to let the traditional reporting style take a back seat and to say hello to “Lazy Admin”, where:

● The staff-hours and costs are saved

● Everyone is empowered to fetch quick reports in a flash.

● The efforts of Hours and Days are brought down to “seconds”

● Data Security is not compromised

● The leadership is well-informed, with a powered-up decision making ability


Here are few resources to learn more:

AppExchange (Try for Free):  Get the app


LinkedIn: See a quick intro