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Become a Lazy Admin Affiliate

in 3 Simple Steps

  • Signup

    Quick and easy sign-up process with no waiting period.

  • Promote

    Spread the word about Lazy Admin through your network and generate referrals through your unique affiliate URL.

  • Earn

    Grow your wealth with us, with recurring commissions for each successful subscription.


Estimate your Referral Earnings

  • Yearly Subscription

    Refer Lazy Admin's Yearly Subscription to your netwok and earn high-end yearly commissions (Recommended).

  • Monthly Subscription

    Refer Lazy Admin's Monthly Subscription to your network and earn steady monthly commissions.

  • Calculate 15% Commissions

    See Lazy Admin Pricing to estimate your 15% earnings based on the subscription you refer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a Lazy Admin Affiliate?

Anyone passionate about Salesforce solutions, from Salesforce Admins, Developers, Trailblazers, and Bloggers to educators, can join.

What are the affiliate earning payout terms?

The earnings are processed in payout cycles twice a month, following a standard clearance period. Please refer to the Affiliate Earnings section in affiliate terms and conditions for further details.

What are the available affiliate earnings payout methods?

Currently Direct Bank Transfer is the only supported payout method. Because it is the most widely accepted and used payment method.

What is the maximum duration of cookie storage?

The maximum cookie duration is 120 days, ensuring credit for any referrals made within this period.

How do I contact affiliate support in case of queries or issues?

Reach out to our dedicated affiliate support team by filling in the contact form, or contact us directly at our email: